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(All "Wylde" soap lines available with Carol's faerie, mermaid or witch Art Labels)


green fairy carol ochs fantasy fairy artmermaid art carol ochs

Carol is also an artist! (Several soaps --the "Wylde" lines -- are available with her *art labels*!)

Art & Illustration Portfolio (here at this site)

Carol Ochs Art Website

You can find art prints & other merchandise (customizable greeting cards, mugs, aprons, phone skins, totes, t-shirts, & MORE with her art on it at:


Check out Carol's FIBER CRAFTS Handspun, handknit fiber confections!

handspun handknit scarf carol ochs









A Magical division of Simply Soap, based on Wise Woman knowledge!

"Let's Play" - song written & performed by David Ochs (Carol's guitarist husband) for your listening/browsing pleasure, if you wish!

(Our newest line of Intention Soaps - Wytch Feathers)

Long, long ago...before there was a doctor in every village to tend the ills of people, there was the village Wise Woman...some called her "witch", for her powers to heal seemed *magical*! She understood how to use the power of wild plants to heal and soothe, even lighten the mood with the power of scent. This knowledge was passed down to her by a family member or other Wise Woman who taught her as a trusted acolyte; some knowledge was acquired through simple experimentation.

Many who would scorn her in public for her peculiar ways, herb-strewn hair from garden work, and mystical-seeming powers they themselves did not possess..... sought her out desperately when they were in pain, suffered a persistent ailment, or their child was sick with fever. Her *magic* was simply a love of and understanding of how to use Earth's plant bounty to it's best advantage, known then as Wise Woman Ways.

A bundle of muslin-wrapped herbs was prepared, a tea or tincture mixed, a poultice tucked in leaves, a corked bottle filled with finely pestled powders, and the seeker was cared-for near her warm wood fire along with a bowl of delicious soup, or sent home with careful instructions for use. A few coins were dropped in the Wise Woman's jar, or delivery of loaves of fresh bread or basket of vegetables promised for the following day.....and all was in balance.

And Wise Woman Ways continue today......

Let us gather and mix, pestle and stir, measure and chant for you! You've discovered Wylde Wytch Soaps, and there's a special kind of magic in our soaps!

Mossy, Musky, Dark & DuskySoap - Simply Soap, Carol Ochs

"I LOVED getting my Wylde Wytch Soaps package! It felt like a magic-wrapped parcel created just for me! Sprinkled with rose petals and the most enchanting scents surrounding it before I even opened the box, peeled back the black tissue paper, and discovered the soap treasures within! Thank you for making this an experience, not just another everyday product!" - Leslie, CA Customer

Wylde Wytch Soap Label Cottage Witch Carol Ochs Simply Soap

Experience for yourself why Wise Women knowledge has endured for centuries! Yes...there IS a little witch in all of us. Once you try the magic of handcrafted soaps, we're certain you'll find this to be true!

Base vegetable/fruit oil ingredients of our soaps are olive, palm kernel, coconut, and castor oils, with other enriching oils like avocado and rosehip seed oil, or virgin shea butter from Africa---so you never have to worry about our soaps drying your skin out or leaving a sticky residue! Our soaps are scented all naturally except for selections (as indicated by an asterisk*), that in addition to being scented with pure essential oils (natural), also contain a smidgeon (less than 4% on ingredient total content) of synthetic fragrance oil for scents that we cannot obtain all-naturally in an affordable way, such as dragonsblood, amber, & nag champa. And even then, we use them only because they are witch traditional scents.

Each 4.8 ounce cake of soap comes in your choice of plain (no label), parchment labeled (see 2 choices), or exclusively packaged in your choice of FIVE wytch art labels (original paintings by the soapmaker herself) with a paper insert describing each soap's unique attributes & magick intentions as listed under it's description here on this page.


Parchment Label Choices:


Simply Soap Parchment Label

(Contains no insert)

Wylde Wytch Parchment Label

(Contains no insert)


Art Label Choices:

(Art by the soapmaker!)

Wylde Wytch Soap Label Dark Arts Sorceresss Carol Ochs Simply Soap
Wylde Wytch Soap Label In My Magic Garden Carol Ochs Simply Soap
Wylde Wytch Soap Label Cottage Witch Carol Ochs Simply Soap
"Dark Arts Sorceress"
"In My Magic Garden"
"Cottage Witch"
Wylde Wytch Soap Label Gathering Carol Ochs Simply Soap
Wylde Wytch Soap Label Moon Potion Carol Ochs Simply Soap
"Moon Potion
Green Witch Soap Label Simply Soap witch soaps
Beltane Fire Label Simply Soap Wylde Wytch Soaps
Warmed by the moon witch soap label Simply Soap
"Green Witch"
"Beltane Fire"
"Warmed By The Moon"


(You can purchase prints and other products with our art at: RedBubble!)

Wylde Wytch Soap Collection

Amas Veritas Wylde Wytch Soaps Simply Soap

twinkle~ Amas Veritas ~twinkle

Remember young Sally summoning a true love spell in the movie Practical Magic, a spell called Amas Veritas? We've created our own Amas Veritas with the passion-invoking essential oils of patchouli, sandalwood, rosewood, ylang ylang and star jasmine, with a sprinkling of crushed red rose petals throughout, and the entire bar enriched with rosehip seed oil---pricey oil, but nothing enriches and drenches your skin so luxuriantly in moisture! Bathe with this soap prior to love rituals and to attract love with it's fragrant and earthy aromatherapy benefits! Like casting a love spell!

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)



Beltane Soap Carol Ochs, Simply Soap Wylde Wytch Soaps

twinkle~ *Beltane Soap~twinkle

The magic of Beltane/May Day stirs the soul with it's fire celebrations of Earth, fertility, and the coming of Summer! We've combined luscious and succulent scents of bountiful white flowers, Valencia citrus, spice and a whisper of fired incense into this flower-petal-filled soap made perfect for your pre-ritual bathing! Offered also in a label graced with the soapmaker's art - "Come To The Beltane Fire"!

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)



Blessing Seed Bar Simply Soap Wylde Wytch Soaps

twinkle~ Blessing Seed Bar ~twinkle

Nothing banishes negativity and protects like the potent magic of blessing seeds, also known as Nigella seed. This bar is also empowered with freshly ground burdock root and mugwort herb, ...herbs of protection, and scented with the curious essential oil of petitgrain (from the bitter orange tree leaf) and is known to alleviate depression and anxiety, as well as oils of clary sage and sandalwood...balancing for all skin types and soothing to mental clarity. Bless thy body with blessing seed!

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)


Conjure Soap Wylde Wytch Soaps Simply Soap

twinkle ~ *Conjure Soap ~twinkle

Mesmerizing & seductive ancient scents of forested woods and long-abandoned castles that still hold the perfumed air of former inhabitants....sandalwood, cinnamon & honey. A delectable ritual soap to conjure spirits past, and yet to be. I prefer it most on Samhain, when the veil is thinnest between the living world and souls passed on.

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)


Dragonsblood Elixir Wylde Wytch Soaps Simply Soap

twinkle~ * Dragonsblood Elixir ~ twinkle

Dragonsblood resin is long known for it's history of use in incense and consecration rituals, and empowering changes, energy, and strength. Wonderful for exorcisms and banishing naughty spirits to their next realm. We've added ground dragonsblood resin to this spicy blend accentuated with cinnamon.

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)


Druid Brew Wylde Wytch Soaps Simply Soap

twinkle~ Druid Brew ~twinkle

Druids of ancient times honored all that was of-the-Earth, in fact they followed this very scent recipe in potions and incense recipes, carrying it forward to future generations, scrawled in their leathery grimoires. Allow the aroma to meditatively summon natural magic and garden blessings, as well as luck, fertility, healing and balancing attributes. It is known as one of "THE" oldest witch scent recipes still in existence, so I dare not reveal the exact scent ingredients as some secrets are best kept secret, and should be held tightly in correctly respectful hands! But you can trust me that you will be reminded of Earth herself, ancient incense, and a sweet milky note with a hint of spice....all conjured into one sumptuous bath brew, swirled with a ground cinnamon vein. And another favorite of those of the male persuasion.

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)

Prices on this soap tend to fluctuate commensurate with rising and lowering costs of high-end essential oils used. When our costs go down, we lower the cost to you accordingly, and vice versa. :)


Encantado Wylde Wytch Soaps Simply Soap Encantado Soap Simply Soap

twinkle~ Encantado ~twinkle

Encantado ("Enchanted" in Spanish) is a soap that honors ancient ones before us, particularly the Curanderas, or medicine women of Latin America, who practice their herbal magic and never mind when people call them "witch"---for they know well from the herbal teachings passed forth from Curanderas before them, that the poultices and herbal concoctions they make for the sick cure them and they are never called "witch" in a negative manner; they become "healer witch"....they know-well the magic of the healing herbs they use. Encantado is filled with ground herbs of rosemary and lavender as well as the pure essential oils of both. The Curanderas are not the sole holders of this secret; green witches everywhere know of the cleansing, healing, and mental soothing aromatherapy power of antiseptic, astringent, and skin-balancing rosemary and lavender. Especially effective on unclogging congested pores gently, without inflaming already-touchy skin. Excellent for diaper-rash and other bumpy rashes! Truly an herbal elixir!

"Keep rosemary at your garden gate,
Grow lavender for luck!"
- Green Witches Proverb

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)


Gold Dust Woman Soap Simply Soap handmade soap

twinkle ~ Gold Dust Woman ~twinkle

If all that is golden had a scent....this would be it! Feminine, mystically floral, a hint of sweet citrus, ...the essence of misty moonbeams bathing-down on a warm summer night! Golden threads of glistening mica wind their way through each bar and shimmers when wetted. Rock on, Gold Dust Woman.....

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)



Handfast Soap Wylde Wytch Soaps Simply Soap

twinkle ~ * Handfast Love Soap ~twinkle

This lovely pre-ritual soap is perfect prior to a handfasting celebration, anniversary, or any romantic event.  It pairs love-scents of apple and catnip together, sprinkled with catnip herb throughout! Tempting, beguiling, intoxicating! And did you know?  Apple is considered the most-highly-responded to scent by men, especially when cooking!  So wash with this soap, and let your body warmth “cook” the scent!


(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)


Honey Mead & Sweet Cake Soap Wylde Wytch Soaps Simply Soap

twinkle ~ * Honey Mead & Sweet Cake Soap ~twinkle

Witch celebrations & rituals such as handfastings (marriage), and circle casting usually involves the consumption of wine and cake! This sweet soap contains real honey & fruit mead (wine) obtained from a winery local to us named Witch Creek Winery---a luscious brew unto itself, and adds special honeyed-sweetness to this divinely unique soap! Also scented with the creamy vanilla of "cake", a touch of amber, and the magic and protection of ground wild hawthorne & chamomile flowers, and whole calendula petals.....Hmmm! ::lip-smack!:: A truly bewitching way to celebrate your bath, and an intoxicating gift idea for most special ceremonies and occasions! But don't wait for a special occasion to celebrate the magic of YOU!

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)


Imbolc Soap - Simply Soap Wylde Wytch Soaps


~ Imbolc Soap ~


Imbolc is the Gaelicfestival marking the beginning or coming of spring. This day also honors Brigid, the goddess of fertility, fire and healing. Most commonly it is held on February 1rst, or about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. The holiday is a festival of hearth and home, and a celebration of the lengthening days and the early signs of spring. Celebrations often involve hearthfires, special foods, candles or a bonfire if the weather permits. Fire and purification are an important part of the festival. The lighting of candles and fires represents the return of warmth and the increasing power of the Sun over the coming months. A spring cleaning is also customary!

Our rendition of Imbolc Soap includes essences of frankincense and spring flowers, in colors reminiscent of new life germinating and springing up from the cold, snowy Earth.

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)




Indigo Chylde Wylde Wytch Soaps Simply Soap

twinkle~ Indigo Chylde ~twinkle

"Indigo Child" is a special name for special children--those born with advanced evolvement, often psychic or paranormal qualities, and gifts of extreme empathy and creativity. They are said to have an indigo-colored aura about them. We all have Indigo Child like qualities, some more developed than others, it's how much you get in-touch with and use your gifts! While some fear and are skeptical of those with these "gifts", we celebrate them! Indigo Chylde soap is scented with a magical blend of anise (black licorice) and cinnamon--both essential oils known to aromatherapeutically sharpen psychic awareness, intuition and creativity. Ground elder flower, lavender, marigold and yarrow are added for their magical properties of protection and intuition.

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)



Lammas Soap - sabbat - Simply Soap Wylde Wytch Soaps

twinkle~ * Lammas Soap~twinkle

A celebration of the first harvest and honoring the sun! Our gathering basket for this soap included peaches, apricots, berries, ground oat grains, calendula and chamomile petals, and a sprinkling of complimentary spices for a mouth-watering scent cornucopia in this golden yellow soap! Adorned with our art called "Gathering". (I am personally amazed at how much my husband loves this scent! So....man *and* woman fav??? Score!)

(Be sure to "Select your soap" before clicking on the "Buy now!" button)




Litha Soap Wylde Wytch Soaps Carol Ochs Simply Soap (Litha Soap Art Label)


twinkle~ * Litha Soap~twinkle


In celebration of the summer equinox! A colorful explosion of summer floral scents and petals - orange blossom, rose, freesia, lilac, & marigold!

This soap is so popular (not just at Litha time) we decided to also offer it with two alternate labels, "A Witch's Flower Garden" label, and "A Wise Woman's Flower Garden" label....both are parchment labels. Available in the menu selections below.

(Be sure to "Select your soap" before clicking on the "Buy now!" button)



Mabon Soap Wylde Wytch Soap Collection Simply Soap witch soaps


twinkle~ * Mabon Soap~twinkle


Celebrate the scents of the harvest season with orange, apples, cinnamon & clove!

(Be sure to "Select your soap" before clicking on the "Buy now!" button)


(Also available in a parchment label called "Autumn Harvest"!)

Midnight Margarita Bar Wylde Wytch Soaps Simply Soap

twinkle~ * Midnight Margarita Bar ~twinkle


"Put de lime in de coconut, and drink 'em both up." - Harry Nilsson

Who can resist the call to the margarita blender, especially in the Midnight Hour, as celebrated in Practical Magic? This soap was created to celebrate good times shared with your best coven or slumber party pals! Real coconut milk is added to this juicy lime scented soap that will positively make your mouth water at the tang, topped with epsom salts as salt on the rim and grains of protection. A special token gift to bring to all of your best friends and margarita lovers! So get skyclad, and Cheers!

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)


Mint Oatmeal Shaving Soap Wylde Wytch Soaps Simply Soap

twinkle~ Mint Oatmeal Shaving Soap ~twinkle

In the movie Practical Magic, remember Sally lamenting to Gillian?, ..."I was really, really happy. We were going to open a botanical shop. Michael'd get the ingredients. And I'd make the stuff. He really loved my mint-oatmeal shaving cream. He couldn't stop eating it."

As a soapmaker, as soon as I heard that, of course I simply had to MAKE IT...as soap! And so I did, and YES, it IS an awesome shaving soap, and an all-around soap, too! But I would not recommend eating it--you may burp bubbles! Loaded with skin-(and rash)-soothing ground oats, white clay (to help whisker or leg hair stand up to be shaved, and to extract impurities) and super-enriched with avocado oil, we're sure you'll love the skin-tingling magic of this bar! It's also an excellent idea to take a mint soap shower or bath to cool off overly hot skin, fevers, and mint aroma sharpens the mind prior to test-taking or activities that require acute mental clarity! An excellent wake-up remedy to use after a night of Midnight Margarita-ing.... *wink*

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)


Mossy, Musky, Dark & DuskySoap - Simply Soap, Carol OchsMossy, Musky, Dark & Dusky Soap Log - Simply Soap, Carol Ochs

twinkle~Mossy, Musky, Dark & Dusky!~

(Essential oil and fragrance oil-scenting.)

In a deepest, darkest, forest hollow lives a sorceress who conjures poultices and soaps using ALL that grows around her in shadow and filtered sun strands. She measures-out precious scent oil essences steeped & trapped in corked potion bottles: This offering holds purest vegetable oils, oakmoss, patchouli, frankincense, blood orange, black pepper, fir needle, cedarwood, musk, a handful of whitest flowers for a touch of sweetness, maidenhair fern, and vine of ivy. A soap rich in earthly notes that exude empowerment, summons strength & magic of the forest! Cleanse your body & mind.....absorb the earthly magic!

(Be sure to "Select your soap" before clicking on the "Buy now!" button)


ostara soap witch soap Carol Ochs Simply SoapOstara Prayer witch art Carol Ochs

("Ostara Prayer" art offered on soap label)

twinkle~ Ostara Soap ~twinkle

In celebration of the spring or vernal equinox! As Spring reaches its midpoint, night and day stand in perfect balance, with light on the increase, a time of great fertility, new plant growth, and newborn animals. This soap is rich in green and floral scents of heather, clover & lilac and colors of spring!

(Be sure to "Select your soap" before clicking on the "Buy now!" button)



Pumpkin Pazooties Wylde Wytch Soaps Simply Soap

twinkle~ Pumpkin Pazooties ~twinkle


(Exfoliating Hand Soap)

As all good witches know, pumpkins are indescribably magical! We grow and keep them about our house all year round! When in a field of pumpkins especially, there's no telling what may happen! And if it happens to be on a full moonlit night.....WHOA.....the BEST pumpkin magic of all! Pumpkin also happens to be incredibly rich in betacarotene and vitamins that are excellent for the skin! So many fellow witchfolk we know have hard-working hands: gardeners, artists, crafters, so we wanted to create a special hand soap that caters to cleaning and caring for their hands. Whether knobby-knuckled or smooth, hands always tell a special story about their owner.... We want your hands to say that all their hard work is rewarded with magical natural skin care! Loaded with vitamin-rich pumpkin meat, African virgin shea butter (Earth's BEST and most incredibly healing moisturizer), and Moroccan rhassoul clay to dig deep into crevices and gently coax out ground-in dirt + cornmeal and poppyseeds! A perfect balance of grit and emollience! Scented in a luscious pumpkin pie spice blend of cinnamon, clove, ginger and sweet valencia orange. You'll be finding excuses to get your hands dirty, just so you can lather up again! This soap is a beautiful pumpkin orange color when first made and then cures into an earthy brown.

(If you're wondering what "pazooties" means, I grew up in a house where "pazooties" meant "hands". Whether 100% accurate or not, we had a myriad of loose Polish translations and others that my father claimed came from a gypsy witch doctor he knew. Regardless, I knew hands to be "pazooties" before I knew them to be "hands"...and my Dad had the best knobby-knuckled, hard-working hands ever...they always told a story of love. Pumpkin Pazooties are an homage to my Dad; he always appreciated a good hand soap! Now you know what "pazooties" are!)

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)


Spellbound Wylde Wytch Soaps Simply Soap

twinkle ~ * Spellbound ~twinkle

When you're preparing for your day, in need of a few moments of meditation, or simply to clear your mind, this soap has all the ingredients to help you cleanse yourself of negative energy and bad karma. Chockful of ground herbs of lavender, thyme, chamomile flowers and scented with oils of chamomile, nag champa and cedar wood, you'll feel empowered with encouragement, success, ambition, strength and vitality! I personally enjoy this earthy and sensual soap after a morning yoga session, to carry that sense of physical and mental peace & clarity with me through my busy day, reflecting fondly on the "me-time" shower ritual that started me off on the right side of the broom!

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)


Verbena Botanical Wylde Wytch Soaps Simply Soap

twinkle~ Verbena ~twinkle

In the movie Practical Magic, Sally's charming botanical shop was named "Verbena Botanicals"....and the very word "verbena" conjures up images of bright mood scents, astringent citrus purification, and garden goodness! And so it is with our Verbena bar....a bright essential oil blend of lemon verbena, a touch of lemongrass, geranium, and clary sage---all mood elevating aromas, and deep-cleansing to the skin with antiseptic properties as well! Excellent for oily or acne-prone skin. Sprinkled with broken leaves of lemon balm herb, and freshly squeezed lemon juice from our own lemon atree, you can't help but have a smile cast upon your sunny face when using this happy soap! Spread the joy--it's MAGIC!

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)


Witchling Wylde Wytch Soaps Simply Soap

twinkle~ * Witchling ~twinkle

New witches or acolytes in-training are oft associated with initiation scents of amber and cedar. These ancient scents pair BEAUTIFULLY, and are much beloved, whether you are a new witch or no witch at all! A personal favorite of mine! Men and women both adore! And the scent stays on your skin long after your bath..... you'll walk around sniffing yourself!

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)


Wize Wimmin Wylde Wytch Soaps Simply Soap

twinkle~ Wize Wimmin Soap ~twinkle

Wise Women; they were (and are) the largely unsung healers, psychologists, midwives and shaman of their people, royalty and poor alike. Many feared them as "witches", feared simply for their potent knowledge! For how truly powerful was their natural power and proficiency with plant potions? Could be dangerous for a monarchy! But most people respected their expertise and were only too happy to pay for or trade for their services! This cherished talent came from knowledge passed forth by Wise Women before them, and on through the ages, gifted knowledge passed to trusted acolytes. My own Gran was a Wise Woman whose plant magic was evident to all who knew her! A return to this knowledge might eliminate a lot of chemicals and false salves on the wounds of society.

Our Wize Wimmin Soap blends some of the most notable, prolific, and much-loved herb staples through the ages: lavender, elder flower, thyme and sage and is scented with a fresh herbal blend of lavender, geranium, bergamot, marjoram, and elemi. Healthful and regenerative for all skin types, especially troubled skin, these herbs' inherent aromatherapy magickal properties enhance wisdom, self-assurance, spiritual development and ambition. Wise Women knew best......and we continue to share!

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)


Samhain Spirit Soap - Simply Soap

twinkle~ * Samhain Spirit ~twinkle

There's a special magic in the air when summer cools and leaves begin to turn. You feel it! Halloween is coming!!To create Samhain Spirit, I took my gathering basket and collected all the very best scent memories of Halloween's/Samhain's past.....damp woodland leaves, bitter orange rind potpourri, a splash of mountain apple cider, freshly-ground cinnamon bark, the sweetness of hot Mexican chocolate, a hint of cherry tobacco, and a whisp of sage for protection from n'er-do-well spirits.  Stirred together in my soap cauldron with extra enrichment from fresh vitamin-rich pumpkin meat, 100% virgin African shea butter, this wondrously emollient soap and scent-blend emerged, an aromatherapy soap to keep Halloween magically alive year-round!

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)


Yule Wylde Wytch Soaps Simply Soap Christmas Soap LAbel Simply Soap (<-Christmas Art Label)

twinkle~ * Yule ~twinkle

The ancient celebration of Yule (word means "feast month") rejoices in the winter solstice, and signs of the sun returning after a cold, dark winter.  We've designed this soap in a beautiful golden shimmery sun color representing the eventual return of the warming, radiating sun! And with chunks of green representing the festive use of evergreen pine needles in solstice celebrations, as well as festive cranberry-red! Scented a delicious bayberry, sweet orange, spruce and cinnamon!  And what a clever way to give a traditional Yule "Log" as a gift...when the log is a log of SOAP!

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)




Wytch Feathers Witchcrafted Intention Soaps!

We've had lots of requests for specific ritual intention soaps! Here they are! BIG, chunky 5.5+ oz. soaps, beautifully wrapped in rustic burlap covered in black lace ribbon and our parchment label!

witch soaps Wytch Feathers Simply Soap


Packaging Options:

Wytch Feathers Intention Soaps - Moon Worship - plain bar Wytch Feathers Intention Soaps -Moon Worship - Wax Paper Envelope

Plain Bar: Comes packed in a wax paper envelope with name written on envelope.

Packaged/Labeled Bar

Burlap/Black Lace Drawstring Pouch & Label (fits 1 bar)

2 lb. Soap Log: Comes plain, wrapped in stretchwrap with name written on it. Cuts into 5 of the bars seen above. You can cut with a common kitchen knife however you please.

* For a Guide to Intention Work *

Wytch Feathers Soap Selections:

Wytch Feathers Intention Soaps - Abundance - Plain

*Abundance* - Green, the color of wealth with ground mint leaves, enriched with hemp seed oil, and scented with oils associated with attracting abundance - patchouli, cinnamon, clove, a hint of peppermint and a dash of chocolate! 

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)



Wytch Feathers Intention Soaps - Blessed Bee - Plain

*Blessed Bee* - Golden & bright! ALL gifts bees bring us, beeswax, honey,and even scattered calendula petals the bees have pollinated. Precious scents of dragonsblood resin, cinnamon and honey!

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)



Wytch Feathers Intention Soaps - Love & Friendship - Plain

*Love & Friendship* - A deep mauve color for passion and sweetness, for nothing can be sweeter than true love and true friendship! Scented of honey'd milk & molasses, and sprinkled with baby red rose buds and petals! Added Moroccan argan oil for extra silky moisture!

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)



Wytch Feathers Intention Soaps - Moon Worship - Plain

*Moon Worship* - The moon calls and we heed, ...but first, prepare thyself for the night. Bathe in this romantic blend of ancient incense with white florals. A twilight blue soap topped with shimmering pearl mica, like the face of our heavenly full moon!

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)



Wytch Feather Intention Soaps - Protection & Purification - Plain

*Protection & Purification* - Sage, used since the beginning of time it is storied, an herb burned for purification and protection in all manner of rituals, from ceremonies indoctrinating shamanic acolytes, to chasing spirits out of a new home, it shall remain a go-to herb to invite safe-haven and cleanliness. We blended ground white sage with our scent blend of bright and tangy tangerine and lavender for a purifying soap as mentally stimulating, as it is physically cleansing!

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)


Wytch Feathers Intention Soaps - Sweet(grass) Success - Plain

*Sweet(grass) Success* - Sweetgrass is a sacred herb (also burned) in MANY cultures for protection and believed to attract positive influence. When one walks "The Sweetgrass Trail" you take risks, learn lessons, and become sweet of heart as you open up to and *see* pure intentions in yourself and others. May this grassy with vanilla-like sweetness scent with real ground sweetgrass help you prepare for any trail or ritual you wish to pursue!

(Quantities can be selected/updated AT the cart.)


Basket & Gift Wrap

Want to make a gift out of Wytch Feathers Intention Soaps? Add a 9" x 6 3/8" x 2 3/8" rectangular basket made of natural rush grass that has been braided around a sturdy metal frame and can be re-used as an attractive trinket catch-all around the house or office! The set of 6 Wytch Feathers soap bars will fit, or 4 also fit comfortably! We'll wrap it all up in black tulle with a matching jute/black lace ribbon tie, and a gift card!. 

Please indicate in the NOTES section of the shopping cart, WHICH soaps you want in the basket if you're ordering soaps for more than the gift basket! Thanks!


More Customer Feedback:

"One-of-a-kind, whimsical, beguiling, bewitching, and magically crafted! So excited I'm one of your first customers to buy these! And thanks for the extra samples!"- Andrea, NM Customer

"I've used plenty of other intention-type witch or ritual soaps and NOTHING compares to your soaps, Carol. They are THE BEST! In scent, incredible lather, appearance, and vibe. I'm so glad I found you!" - Michelle, ID Customer

"The custom made witch soaps you made specifically for us, in addition to the selections we offer of your Wylde Wytch Soaps are all so popular, can't keep them on the shelves. Great repeat-buyer product! Thanks!" - MI Retailer Client

"I LOVE your Practical Magic-themed witch soaps! Every Halloween my gal-pals and I have a Practical Magic party and your soaps are 'a must' part of it! Perfect gift favors! Your soaps ROCK!" - Sandy, OR Customer

"As a lifelong practising witch, and avid gardener, I appreciate how you very appropriately have assigned essential oil scents and herbal properties with soap intentions. Some soapmakers I've gone to make their soap a certain color, like green, and call it 'money soap', not much thought or intention seems to really go into it. I feel something more with your proudcts and they are now always part of my rituals and saves me the work of having to make soaps myself. Thanks for your knowledge and work that seems to come from the heart as well.." - Sabrina, CO Customer

"Carol, my sister gave me some of your witch soaps for my birthday. I'm a guy and thought, hmm, witch soaps, for me? She gave me Druid Brew, Dragonsblood, and Spellbound, and I don't think I will use any other soaps ever again. These are extraordinary, so apparently I must be a witch/warlock, because I really love using these! So here I am, back to buy more. Great stuff!" - Matt, WA Customer

My name is Susan and I'm a soapaholic. Seriously, I've been obsessed with soap since I was a kid trying to understand how Ivory floats. Then one day I was cruising Etsy and landed on Simply Soap. Tried the Mermaid package then the Fairie series (or vise versa) ... anyway, I was hooked. Then I started to try ALL the different various kinds of soap Carol, the owner, has to offer. Well, let just say I've been ordering soap from her for almost 3 years now and I still haven't gotten every soap available. Close, but I'm still ordering... All the variety is astounding (and wonderful). If you're looking for an unusual gift - this is the ticket. If you want an immediate pick me up- take a bath or shower with Simply Soap. And Carol is amazing. She answers any questions you may have with love and patience. I have tried many handmade soaps before and after Simply Soap (I am a soap addict after all), but I always come back to the Magickal Simply Soap. It is the best soap ever made. Take it from a Soapaholic! - Susan, Customer www.psychicinsavannah.com

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Retailers: Would you like this soap line or custom witch soaps made for your store? Let's talk: simplysoap@aol.com ! Visit our wholesale links on the left side bar, too. Available options include bars, plain bars to private label, logs, wedges, or bulk chunks to cut as you wish!

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Links of interest: - Practical Magic Script, Amas Veritas - A site all about the movie Practical Magic

This is a link to my own personal collection of Practical Magic props!: Practical Magic Prop Collection

While we have our own views on how we celebrate and embrace the perception of "witch", we by no means claim to be an authority on the various paths or practices of paganism or witch belief, which is very personal, as is any spiritual faith, and what each carries in their own heart & mind and with only good intent.

We realize that many within witch communities look with scrutiny upon commercialized, or media-popularized versions (movies, TV shows, etc.) of "witch". Our references to some of these here in our products is in fun and light-heartedness.

This site is a celebration of the magic of Earth, witch, and Wise Woman ways and for those who wish to embrace it! The soapmaker herself happens to follow many spiritual paths; raised Catholic, drawn to polytheistic nature-based Old Religions, and open to the gifts of all faiths.

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There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more.
~ Lord Byron







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