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(Must be a *verified* reseller to purchase at wholesale pricing. Email us a copy of your resale permit at: simplysoap(at)aol.com.....thanks!)




(All "Wylde" soap lines available with Carol's faerie, mermaid or witch Art Labels)


green fairy carol ochs fantasy fairy artmermaid art carol ochs

Carol is also an artist! (Several soaps --the "Wylde" lines -- are available with her *art labels*!)

Art & Illustration Portfolio (here at this site)

Carol Ochs Art Website

You can find art prints & other merchandise (customizable greeting cards, mugs, aprons, phone skins, totes, t-shirts, & MORE with her art on it at:


Check out Carol's FIBER CRAFTS Handspun, handknit fiber confections!

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Welcome Retailers!

Wholesale Info., Terms & FAQ's

We love partnering with retail establishments!  Thanks for your interest, and welcome aboard!

Your customers are first attracted by the colorful artisan designs and earthy naturalness of our soap in your retail establishment, followed by a scent-laden whiff.....then, the assurance of a repeat-sale is when they take the bar home, use it, and discover the wonderfully luxurious way it makes their skin feel!  It's nearly impossible to go back to mainstream detergent bars again!  A soap love affair has begun.....it's really quite that simple because the soap sells itself!

Seduce your customers with soap to cut-by-the-slice (as logs, or bulk chunks, as pictured above), or, as pre-packaged bars; .....our "Simply Soap" parchment label, our "Wylde" line soaps that feature our art (painted by myself) or also available in parchment labels, or use your own "private label"! Your in-store, catalog, or on-line display's are limited only by your creative imagination!  We offer a WIDE selection of soap varieties that appeal to both men (LARGE selection of men's favorite soaps!) and women, including soap customizing, to fill any merchandise theme you can wish to offer, as well as serve all skin types!


We *FIRST* NEED a copy of your RESALE PERMIT (for states that issue them) or BUS. LIC. on-file, please.  ​Email to: ancientalchemy(at)aol.com. Upon supplying this document, thank you, and go ahead and shop! 


Like all manufacturers, we require a min. order to be able to offer wholesale pricing at all. We've kept ours low ($100.00) all these years to be able to work with smaller companies just starting out for whom high minimums would be too difficult to meet.

Wholesale MINIMUM ORDER is $100 subtotal in product (pre-shipping), AT WHOLESALE PRICING.

And we have TWO TIERS of wholesale discounting; orders under $1000 (45% off retail), and orders over $1000.00 (50% off retail).

The 45% off tier:

We offer 45% off retail for orders under $1000. (So you'd need to order approx. $184 in retail product for the 45% whlsl. cart discount to bring your minimum to the $100 minimum.)  Use code word "wholesale" (<- case sensitive) in the discount voucher box at checkout.  The cart will remind you if you've not met the minimum you need to apply the discount.

 The 50% off tier:

We offer 50% off retail for orders OVER $1,000. (So you'd need to order $2000+ in retail product for the 50% whlsl. cart discount to bring your minimum to the $100 minimum.) Use code word "wholesale1000" (<- case sensitive, no spaces) in the discount voucher box at checkout.

Select "No state or province" for sales tax for wholesale orders. Wholesale orders are tax-exempt.

All credit card orders are manually hand-transacted by us, not automatically charged instantly.

Wholesale Selling FAQ's (<-click)

Answers to many of your handmade soap retailing questions! 


What are our production times like?

     We are a handcrafted soap manufacturing company.  Most of our orders are custom, and thus we are often making soap fresh for each order.  We do not stockpile large quantities of soap, and therefore you receive freshly made soap that is scent-rich!  Soap needs time to cure and be hard enough for use, without melting away too quickly.  Therefore we are unable to process 24-hour, or instant turn-around times on orders.   Please plan your soap inventory needs and ordering ahead of time & ask about/allow for soap production time so that we can make your order for you in a timely fashion that meets your needs and yields you top-quality soap for resale!   

Lead times.....


Especially for peak selling periods like seasonal holidays, please order your inventory EARLY!   Like good wine, good soap can't be rushed!    Place orders (depending upon size) at least 2-3 weeks in advance of your need-by date.  Our business is growing immensely, but we are committed to remaining a family-owned and operated business that is based at home.  If we move out to a shop with large overhead, we'd have to raise the cost of our soap to reflect these additional costs, and we don't want to do that!  THANKS!

"Custom" soap lead times.....


  ALLOW 2 - 6 WEEKS FOR CUSTOM SOAP ORDERS TO BE COMPLETED AND SENT.  We may need time to order and receive custom (not-in-stock) ingredients/scents, AGAIN--depending upon SIZE of order.  We cannot process a $10,000 order in the same time that we process a $100 order.  INQUIRE ABOUT DELIVERY IF YOU HAVE A SPECIFIC "NEED-BY" DATE.  THANKS!

Due to the handmade natural aspect of our soap, and so you are assured of the best quality.....



.....on our product line.  We stand behind our product line 100%--but we cannot re-stock a handcrafted or custom-made product that may have been sitting at another location indefinitely. If there is indeed a problem in any way with soap integrity, we will replace it immediately if brought to our attention upon your receipt of your order.   Return Policy Terms

Payment Terms.....


All sales are payable upfront by either VISA, Mastercard, American Express. Checks must clear before processing any orders.

We do not drop-ship.  We do not do COD's.  

Shipping/Handling fees.....


We use USPS and UPS.

What kind of business are we?


We are a sole proprietor, home-based, mail-order, online storefront only.  All orders are shipped out from us.  We are unable to accept drop-in clientele.

Who is retailing Simply Soap?


     Specializing in CUSTOM SOAPMAKING, Simply Soap makes an attractive and affordable offering in soap bars, slice-by-the-inch soap logs, or gift arrangements for retail shops,gift basket, bath-related businesses, natural products stores, hotel or B&B establishments, corporate employee/client gift-giving, beauty salons/day spas, health clubs, craft shops/shows, in online or mail-order catalog collections, in specialty shops....and especially in your OWN bathroom! 

Simply Soap makes a perfect gift, or everyday-use product that is ALWAYS a great seller and quickly builds repeat-buyer clientele, not only by virtue of it's wonderful effects on the skin, but also because of it's enticing visual and olfactory allure! makes a perfect gift, or everyday-use product that is ALWAYS a great seller and quickly builds repeat-buyer clientele, not only by virtue of it's wonderful effects on the skin, but also because of it's enticing visual and olfactory allure!

Many clients start out ordering a wide selection of soaps to determine which soaps are the best sellers for their region or target market.  Then, they begin ordering bulk soap which affords additional savings/more profit!  Ordering in bulk (logs, bulk chunks, or BIG bulk chunks) along with our soap cutters that maximize use of bulk soap with no wastage, are a great way to have soap that you can "private label." 

Creating your own label is part of the fun! You can have a professional do it, or if you have most any word-processing or design program on your computer, you can do it yourself!   Simply design a page in landscape orientation, insert lines, graphics, and lines of text--we can assist you with proper labeling requirements for soap.  Print on your own printer, or take a master copy to a copy shop/printer and mass produce labels you can cut-out and wrap around each soap bar!  (See more labeling info. at: Bulk Soap & Cutter Instructions. Scroll down to see the instructions.)

NOTE:  If you are "private labeling" you need to use your OWN soap names and your OWN soap descriptions & marketing verbage--DO NOT COPY OURS!!!  We only allow others to use our verbage if you are selling our soap under our own Simply Soap label. 

Don't feel limited to "labels," per se....you can instead, have stickers made up (Avery labels).   Your soap packaging is only limited by your imagination.  Many inexpensive packaging ideas include simple cellophane bags with a raffia or ribbon tie and label or sticker with soap information..... stretchwrap, shrinkwrap, clothwrap, muslin bag, gift box, handmade paper, gift paper, crinkle paper,....well, you get the idea!  Create your own UNIQUE "look" that reflects your business! (See more info. below under "Private Labeling.") 

Displaying the soap in your shop can also be half the FUN!  Many who order in bulk, display the soap logs on a large cutting board, alongside our custom soap cutter--for a freshly sliced piece of soap for customers!  Some prefer to have bars pre-packaged and ready-to-go.  An assortment works for others!  Attractive display accessories can include wicker or wire baskets, cubby-hole shelving, wash tubs,  antique bath accessories, porcelain, clay, or wooden soap dishes, a bubble machine (available through disc jockey equipment suppliers)..

Care of your soap.....


When you receive the soap you've ordered, we recommend you do not store it in a hot store room or display it in direct sunlight--sun can fade colors, and or possibly cause the soap to "sweat," or get soft in humid climates, or in hot seasons.  A cool, dry atmosphere is what soap likes best!  We also recommend draining soap dishes to keep the soap it's driest when not in use. 

If you're ordering your soap as "bulk" soap to cut YOURSELF, by the slice, keep it covered in the stretchwrap it arrives in to help keep scents their strongest, but leave one end open for ongoing curing to take place.  If you are packaging (long-term packaging) the soap yourself, and cutting it off a bulk chunk, allow the soap to air-dry to the touch to assure you won't be sealing it into any form of air-tight package (cello-bag, shrinkwrap, etc.)  with residual moisture from being freshly cut.  This could "conceivably" set your soap up for rancidity problems if you're in a HOT or humid climate.  A few days of drying, bars set on their edge in a well-ventilated area, or with a fan on them helps speed up drying/hardening.  Our soap is quite firm upon us unmolding it before being sent, however some clients in hot, humid climates seem to notice soap taking longer to dry from fresh cutting (bulk soap purchases), especially during summer months.  We have never experienced rancidy (brown spots) of our soap...however some clients who have personally shrinkwrapped the soap too quickly after cutting, or displayed the soap in a hot, sunny window (especially in the humid South) have noticed "sweating" of the soap within the package.  Air-drying to the touch prevents this. 

If you have any questions about your soap, call Toll-free (888)575-7627 or e-mail us simplysoap@aol.com!





California-Themed Soaps

Rustic Soap Collection

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Wylde Faerie Soaps

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Ancient Alchemy

Bog-Bar Simply Soap Ancient Alchemy line

(Our ultimate luxury bar...50% shea butter-50% olive oil, with goatmilk & ground oats - Goatmeal Butter Bar)

handmade handcrafted soap Simply Soap Carol Ochs goatmilk oats shea butter soap