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(All "Wylde" soap lines available with Carol's faerie, mermaid or witch Art Labels)


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Carol is also an artist! (Several soaps --the "Wylde" lines -- are available with her *art labels*!)

Art & Illustration Portfolio (here at this site)

Carol Ochs Art Website

You can find art prints & other merchandise (customizable greeting cards, mugs, aprons, phone skins, totes, t-shirts, & MORE with her art on it at:


Check out Carol's FIBER CRAFTS Handspun, handknit fiber confections!

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Each of our Ancient Alchemy soaps is crafted from a well-researched antiquarian recipe, using all-natural vegetable & fruit oils, herbs, flowers (organic whenever possible!), pure essential oils, and other Earthly delights!  Some recipes were originally discovered as herbal healing poultices or tonics which we've  adapted into soaps!  

It's the infusions.....

 Each soap batch is made using a very important step.  What defines the exquisiteness of our soaps is we infuse our oils with precious herbs and botanicals, maximizing their benefits for your skin in the final soap!

These soaps weigh no less than 4.5 oz. Each is wrapped in a parchment wrapper, it's botanically magical ingredients listed, it's story-of-origin printed on an insert that goes under the wrapper!  Each soap priced as per ingredients used therefore some (2) are more expensive than the others.



Aborigine     African Black Magic      Bog Bar        Kyphi    


If ordered as *LABELED* bars, a parchment label inset accompanies each bar that tells the same soap information story as listed below with each soap! Makes for interesting gifts!



Australian tea tree oil--what a gift!  Captain James Cook and his party, upon landing in Botany Bay, New South Wales in 1770, came upon groves of trees thick with sticky, aromatic leaves they later used to make a spicy tea.  The "Tea Tree" as it was called by Cook, also became a valued bush remedy used by European settlers.  It wasn't until after WWI though that serious attention was given this plant's uses!  In 1923, the Australian government conducted studies and discovered tea tree essential oil to be 12 times stronger than carbolic acid (the standard then)! 

But....long before Cook found tea tree, Australian Bundjalung Aborigines told stories of a lagoon into which tea tree leaves dropped.  Cuts and wounds improved after bathing in the water, the legends tell.

Our Aborigine soap is 6% tea tree oil with added ground tea tree leaves, plantain and dandelion root herbal infusions.  We recommend you soap-up and let the lather sit on your skin 2-3 minutes before rinsing.

Plain (no label) Soap - $7.50


Labeled - $8.00



African Black Magic 

(also known as "African Black Soap")

This traditional African soap is made following the practices of the women of Ghana and other regions of west coast Africa who make this soap by-hand and have for generations.  They use a mixture called "black soap powder" which we follow, originally created by the village women. The powder (made into a paste) is created of burned palm leaves which are added to cocoa pod husks, burned plantain skins, African honey, and virgin African shea butter.   The soap is always unscented. The color of the soap is determined by how long the plantain leaves are burned.....don't be fooled by imitation ABS - African Black Soap, that is merely soap colored with a black colorant!  In true ABS, the plantain skins are the key ingredient and what creates the dark color of the soap!  From hand-pressing the oils, to burning the leaves, to forming black soap into paste- this African black powder is handmade by age old tradition. Every African family has their own secret method passed down to each generation. The finished soap is reknown for helping to heal lesions and alleviating many skin irritations and conditions. Here at Ancient Alchemy we studied, mimicked, and recreated African traditional methods, adding some of our own tricks (for a soap not crumbly like most ABS's directly from Africa), and offer you this updated bar to soothe your skin, whatever it's condition, and to honor the black magic of this wonderfully pure soap that originated in Africa!

Plain (no label) Soap - $7.50


Labeled Soap - $8.00



Bog Bar 

 Surely you've heard of therapeutic mud baths.....but did you know bog or moor peat is extraordinarily nutrient-rich and excellent for the skin, especially for eczema and acne?   One of the main curative effects of peat is the heat effect when warmed-up  peat expands. This was long-ago discovered by the people in the Transylvanian region of Romania where peat bogs are abundant. Peat-effects consist of overall warming of the body and the organic-minerals help open pores and draw out impurities, decongesting skin for better blood flow and texture.  Best to lather up and let the suds remain on your skin awhile before rinsing!  We've scented this bar with an earthy-tangy scent blend of lime and patchouli essential oils. (Patchouli is pricey these days so elevates the soap cost). We order our peat directly from Transylvania, and I must say, our shipment delivery guy is highly suspicious of what I am ordering from TRANSYLVANIA! 

Plain (no label) Soap - $8.00


Labeled Soap - $8.50





An ancient scent recipe recreated from Egyptian hieroglyphics off the actual walls of the temple of Idfu where the most famous of all Kyphi  incense was made,  and also found on Egyptian papyri.  Kyphi produces a full-bodied, multi-layered bouquet with a warm, relaxing, sweet, yet spicy, and sensual aroma.  Over 14 natural ingredients make up this fragrant bouquet including frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood, cassia & more.  A TOTAL Egyptian experience! 

Plain (no label) Soap - $8.50


Labeled Soap - $9.00