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Carol is also an artist! (Several soaps --the "Wylde" lines -- are available with her *art labels*!)

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What is referred to as an intention, a prayer, a spell, is a working designed to bring about some sort of change, to bring something about that did not exist before, or to remove something that is causing harm, but also to bring healing to your communities and loved ones, and help bring positive solutions to circumstances we face in day-to-day life. There are four main intricacies involved in bringing intentions to fruition.

1. The first thing you must do is alter your consciousness. By using meditative techniques such as controlled-breathing and visualization, you can change your brain wave function until it reaches a state known as “Alpha”. Alpha is a state in which you are relaxed, yet still aware, but in a sort of ’daydream’ state. While in the Alpha state, you are more connected to the unseen realms, can tap into that energy, and you are better able to both give and receive psychic information. Since your connection to the astral realms is deepened by the Alpha state, it will be easier for you to effect change within those realms. The expression “As Above, So Below” illustrates this connection. Before something can manifest on a physical level (below), it must be first be present on an astral level (above). Your intention, your prayer, your spell is the catalyst that places it there. You can alter your consciousness in many ways, such as drumming, chanting, and using aromatherapy scent, or burning incense or herbs.  

2. Next, you must have a clear intention. Know exactly what you want, and focus on that specifically. Visualization will help with this a great deal. If you can visualize, your intent will work better. It is important to focus on the outcome. Try to involve all of your senses: especially touch, sight, smell and hearing. Make it as real as you can make it in your mind’s eye. Whatever your spell is for, you must be clear in your intention. If you need money to pay the phone bill, and you cast a spell for abundance, you may end up with an abundance of junk mail or cockroaches. You cast a non-specific spell for abundance, after all, and that is what you got. Intention takes the path of least resistance, and you must be clear in your intention. Abundance and prosperity are not quite the same thing. Clear intention is the key.

3. The next important component of successful intention work is a strong will. It must be something you really truly want and not having it is unacceptable to you. Then you will be emotionally invested in it. It must be firmly rooted within you that you want this in your life, and you won’t give up until it is. An assertive mindset is like a magnet that draws things to you. Using affirmations is a big help. If you believe it, the Universe will conspire to make it so. When you’re ready to work your intention spell and you have a clear intention and a strong will, everything goes into high gear in bringing it about.

4. Lastly, you must have an effective means of raising and directing energy. There are many ways to do this. Some write or record a prayer, an incantation, or chant that they repeat over and over, or listen to as a recording. Some use beads to count-off as they repeat a mantra.  Some like to dance around a fire, garden, or altar in a circle. Others beat a drum and sing, while others like to burn herbs & written-down spells, releasing them as smoke out into the Universe to manifest their goals.  Some like to have posted statements and items implementing reminders of their intention all around them in their daily life, or discreetly placed for their own viewing to reaffirm over and over their focused outcome.

Raising energy in an Alpha state while visualizing the manifested outcome, with a clear intention and a strong will, and then releasing that energy out into the Universe, is the most powerful combination of elements required for effective intention work. 

Intention or Spell Sabotage -

Things can undermine your intention, so it is important to keep these in mind:

* Energy was not raised or dispersed properly.
*You really don’t believe it will work.
*Your intention is unclear.
*Talking about the intention with other people. Say nothing about your intention with anyone until it has manifested into physical reality. Negativity from others can damage your working, so keep silent about it.
*Your will is passive. The outcome wasn’t really that important to you.
*Lack of real-world follow-up.
*Mercury Retrograde.
*When you initiated your intention, you were pre-occupied, distracted or in a hurry.

*Your intention is violating the free will of another person.

Intention work transcends all peoples' human wishes; this occurs in all religions, lack of religion, and all walks of life.  Many have different names for it, but it ultimately is the same thing: exerting your focused consciousness, will, and spirit, and bringing them to bear upon your intent.

Use your intentions wisely for the greater good, always.  Harm none.



Contribution: Rik Potter




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